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Connecting through community events and entertainment in Greater Los Angeles

Interpreter training/workshops

Interpreting webinars/workshops shown here are not on the Deaf.LA Calendar. (Exception: panel discussions related to community and culture.)

See the calendar for cultural and entertainment events.

Most of these workshops are presented in ASL.  For some, the language of instruction is not specified.


All times are adjusted to Pacific Time.  Currently, these are all virtual workshops.


01/22  Tools for Allyship & Effective Advocacy series begins (Last day in-person, June, in San Diego)

1/22 & 1/23, 6am-12:00  Bill Nye, Who? (Crom Saunders)

01/22,  7-11am Visual Vernacular – Medical Interpreting

01/22  8-11am  (Trix Bruce) Medical Interpreting

01/26  (NICHC) The ProAct:  How to Protect Your Livelihood
(Presented in English. For interpreters/translators, all languages.)

01/27, 2:30-5:30 An Ethical Look at Becoming the “Ideal Team Player”

01/28, 6-8pm (CCRID)  How to Avoid and Manage Physical Burnout

1/29 7-10am (Crom Saunders) What the %$#@! Did You Sign?

01/29, 8-10am  Dynamics of Emergency Management Interpreting

1/29, 8-11am  Prempting and Mitigating the Effects of Anxiety on ASL Interpreters

01/29, 8:00-12:00  Medical Interpreting:  Questions and Appointments

01/30, 9-10:30am  Visual Vernacular for Interpreters

02/01, 4-6:00  Medical Interpreting:  Side Effects and Symptoms

2/03, 9:00-10:30am  Virtually Present:  Preparing Healthcare Interpreters to Thrive in Remote Modalities
(Join to attend. All languages/not ASL specific.)

02/03, 3:00-5:00 (Corey Axelrod) The Accessibility Sphere:  Cultivating Symbiotic Relationships

02/05, 8a-12p Theory of Mind  (BoysTown EIPA workshop)

02/05, 9-12:00  Become the Surrogate (Keith Wann)

02/12, 6-9am (Corey Axelrod) The Medical Kaleidoscope

02/12, 10:00 Working with DeafBlind: What, Why?

02/16, 4-6:00 (ASLIS)  Into and Enter – What is the Difference?…(Wink)

02/19, 8-11am (Trix Bruce)  Discourse Mapping

02/23, 4:00-6:00   Cracking the Code:  EIPA Roman I

02/23, 4-6:00 (ASLIS) Ethics and Values – What Guides Your Decisions?

02/24 (Corey Axelrod) Mitigating Ableism Within the Interpreting Community

02/26, 9-4:30 Silent Garden Lectures “Current Trends in Interpreting”

02/27, 11:00-3:00   Advanced Medical Interpreting:  Ethical Practice
Presented in English.

3/02, 09, 16, 23 Conquer the TEP

3/13, 9am  (Justin Perez)  Visual Vernacular

04/02, 8-1:00  (Buck Rogers) Etymology of ASL Parts II & IV (no pre-req.)

4/08-4/10  Deaf in Healthcare Summit 2022

4/09, 8a-12  Teaching Strategies: Implementation in Classroom Interpreted Discourse  (BoysTown EIPA workshop)


Misc. webinars/lectures:

01/06, 02/03, 3/03, 4/07 @4:00 Black Deaf Trauma Conversations – Researchers Workshops (for Black Deaf only)  Registration

01/15 11-1:30  MLK Commemorative Lecture (Claudia Gordon) Zoom link
(This is not a workshop. Recorded for later viewing.)


Trainings & Ongoing offerings:

GAP Mentorship Institute for educational interpreters  (4 cycles per year)

AALB ASL Medical Interpreter Training (60 hours)  Check back for 2022 course offerings!

ASL Chat Mentors & Collaborative Practice, Mondays 4-6pm – 12 weeks  Jan. – March

IIRAS  September 2021 – May 2022

Advanced Fingerspelling for Interpreters  (Deaf mentors, Lisa Cryer) 5-week sessions in Jan/Feb, Feb/March, & March/April

Deaf Action Center

Diversity Academy

Bethany Gehman – Sexuality education

Trix Bruce  NMS, Semantics, Classifiers, English Idioms, Medical Interpreting, Biology, PPO, Sex Ed interpreting

CWood Professional Development


ASLIS weekly workshops  (discounted rate for ASL/ITP students)

Deliberate Practice Group for newer interpreters working toward certification. Wednesday afternoons

RID Continuing Education Center  

True-Biz ASL trainings:
Hearing interpreters/HITO
Deaf interpreters/DITO

Zaboosh  -monthly webinars, bi-annual conference

CEUs On-the-Go





Understanding Childhood Trauma  (free resource; not about interpreting)

Educational Interpreting and Ethics (Jan 24-Feb 27.  Check back for future offerings.)

Show Me the Music:  A Musical Theory for Artistic Interpreting

The Premise, The Process, The Practice

ASLIS CEU’s On Demand

ASL Learn

Medical Self-Study
Body Language Modules

Wink – online

EIPA courses (self-study)

CATIE Center
Behavioral/ Mental Health
Domestic Violence (limited access)
Trauma-Informed Approach
Behavioral Health: Intersectionality
Deaf/Hearing Teams
Translation Process ASL to English
Deaf  Perspectives on Translation
NIC Performance Prep, including mock exam

Atypical Language Modules Webinars
Unfolding Scenarios

ProTactile/DeafBlind interpreting DBI

The Insightful Interpreter
Behind the Scenes with a Deaf and Hearing Team
Voicing: Strategies for Growth
Consumer Orientation 101



Southern California RID


1)  Health/medical

Deaf in Scrubs on FB 

Partners in Deaf Health
Facebook – PDF

Health Signs Center
Facebook – HSC 

Deaf Counseling Ctr

Medical Self-Study
Medical & Behavioral/ Mental Health



Atomic Hands
ASL Clear
ASL Signing Dictionary

Lab science – DeafTec
Math – Texas Math Dictionary,  DeafTec – math,
XtraMath (mastery of basic arithmetic)

Khan Academy Sign Language videos

Automotive, Electrical, Welding

3)  Educational
Accessible Remote Education

3)  Taxes/IRS
Taxes  part1   part 2


Recent workshops (2021)     Page 2 is an extensive list of previous workshops.

CSD Webinar Series 2021-2022
Each is held on a Friday for 1 hour, 10-11 am PST, twice a month.
Nov. 12 Early Bilingual Education
Dec. 3  Lead-K Family Services
Dec. 17  Deaf Educators Wealth of Knowledge



01/07/22 A New Generation of Slang
01/09 (Trix Bruce) Visual Vernacular – Medical Interpreting
01/11 (no fee)  Precious Little Language
01/11 (Trix Bruce) ASL Semantics:  Visual Clarity
01/11  Think Tank Tuesdays Coffee Chat/Interview  w. Barbie Gomez :
01/12 (Deaf presenter – Katie Murch) Transcending Hearing Guilt: Engaging with Compassion
01/12 (no fee) Team Me Up, CDI

01/13 10:00am (CCHI) Medical Interpreting and Physical Therapy: Advanced  (Not ASL specific. This webinar is full.)

01/13 (Trix Bruce) ASL Extreme Makeovers:  Art of Personification
01/13 (Corey Axelrod)  Rethinking the Binary Paradigm in Interpreting
01/13  Estate Planning (Presented by Deaf lawyer.  Not about interpreting.)
01/14, 2:00-5:00  I’m Not Afraid of Fingerspelling: Steps to Fingerspelling Mastery
01/15,  7-11am   Visual Vernacular – Medical Interpreting
01/15 (Trix Bruce) Voice Interpreting: Language Registers
01/15, 10a-12p Breaking Form: English to ASL
01/15  DeCOding Educational Interpreter Roles: 4-(COM)plex Model

01/18 (Trix Bruce) Voice Interpreting:  Swearing and Puns

12/16  A Deaf Consumer Perspective: Panel Discussion
12/11  NIC Interview workshop
12/11  Vulnerability in a Virtual World
12/11  It Costs to Be the Boss
12/07 (Dual Language Learners series) Intervention Considerations
12/04 & 12/05 SoCal Terp Conference – 4 Wink workshops
12/04  BASL, What That? (Vyron Kinson)
12/02 & 12/09  Dominant, Influential, Steady, Conscientious…
12/01 4-6p (ASLIS) Role-Space for Interpreters

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