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This page is updated regularly. 

Events listed here are not included on the Deaf.LA Calendar. Exceptions: panel discussions related to community and culture. (See the calendar for cultural and entertainment events.)

Most are presented in ASL (or interpreted).


All times are adjusted to Pacific Time, unless stated otherwise.

Trix Bruce   
Upcoming Topics: Medical  (11/21);  Semantics (11/18, 12/10);  Discourse Mapping (12/10);  Voice interpreting (12/08);  Financial terms (11/19)

Trilingual Summit (11/21)

VRID Region II (virtual) Conference (days left: 21, Dec. 5, 12, 19)
Professionalism, Interpreter Prep, RID Ethical Practices, Linguistics

Mental Health Interpreting  Michigan Medicine (days left: Nov. 20-21)
(Request accomodations.)

Workshops on Sex/Sexuality Education with Bethany Gehman
Nov. 18, 20, 21, 22, Dec. 5

Nov. 19, 3:00-5:00 (True-Biz ASL) Recognizing Language Challenges and Utilizing DI’s

– CANCELLED – Nov. 19, 4:00-6:00 Raw Truth About Deaf Education (Dr. Lorraine Simms) 

Nov. 20 Native American Heritage Month panel discussion with Deaf Natives

Nov. 21, 5:00-7:00 am Interpreting for Language Deprivation

Nov. 21, 7:00-9:15am The Gift of Feedback:  Did You Keep the Receipt?”

Nov. 21, 6a-1p (Corey Axelrod) The Medical Interpreting Kaleidescope: A Conversation on Perspectives

Nov. 21, 8-10 am,  ASL Discourse Analysis and Discourse Mapping (Registration closed.)

Nov. 21, 10:00-12:00 Healthy Boundaries for Interpreters
(Presented in English.  Recording will have captions.)

Nov. 21, 10:00-1:00 How Language Variation Brings Us Together

Nov. 21, 10:00 (ASL)  &  2:00 (English) Deaf Education Law

Nov. 22  Begin series on Unpacking Legal Language
(Sharon Neumann Solow)  Restricted to interpreters with court/legal experience or extensive legal training.

Nov. 23,  6-9am  Sign Safely, Interpret Intelligently
Nov. 23,
10a-1p  The Four Agreements (ethics)
Conducted in English.  (Accomodations requests by Nov. 9.)

Nov. 24,  3-5 pm (True-Biz ASL) Native American Deaf Today

Nov. 28  Black Interpreter Brunch (email:

Dec. 2, 4:00-6:00  ASLIS: Tax Mistakes

Dec. 4, 1-4:00 The Medical Kaleidoscope (Corey Axelrod)

Dec. 4, Colloqium Series (post-secondary Deaf students)

December 4th-6th  2.4 CEUs  Terp Academy Interpreters’ Summit

Dec. 5, 6-9am Unpacking Deaf Education from Deaf Perspective

Dec. 8, 3:00-6:00  Discourse Mapping: How Do We Expand Our Visual Thinking? (Trix Bruce)

Dec. 9, 4-6 pm Cultural Diversity: Discussed Through the Lens of Black Females

Dec. 11, 3:00-6:00 Voicing with Confidence

Dec. 12, 10:00-2:00 Interpreting in Mental Health and Psychological Settings

Dec. 13, 12-2 Interpreting During COVID
(Conducted in English with ASL interpreters.)

Dec. 16, 4-6pm  Video Remote Interpreting Part 2

Dec. 19, 7-9am 
Reflective Practice

Jan. 6 & 13, 4-6 pm  Strategic Community Allyship (Corey Axelrod)

Jan. 16 & 23, 6am-3pm Advanced Medical Interpreting
(Conducted in English with ASL interpreters.)

March 5th-7th, Legal interpreter training  Court Interpreting (mock trial)
(Language of instruction – English?)



Ongoing offerings:  -monthly webinars, bi-annual conference

CEUs On-the-Go

Deaf Action Center

Diversity Academy

RID Continuing Education Center   Webinars available both LIVE and recorded.  

ASLIS workshops (Dec. dates TBA)   Independent study too


True-Biz ASL scheduled trainings:
Hearing interpreters/HITO
Deaf interpreters



The Premise, The Process, The Practice

ASL Learn

Medical Self-Study
Body Language Modules

Wink – online

CATIE Center :  
Behavioral/ Mental Health
    Domestic Violence (limited access)
    Trauma-Informed Approach 
    Behavioral Health: Intersectionality 
Deaf/Hearing Teams
Translation Process ASL to English
Deaf  Perspectives on Translation

Atypical Language Modules Webinars
Unfolding Scenarios

ProTactile/DeafBlind interpreting DBI

NIC Performance Prep, including mock exam




Southern California RID 



1)  Health/medical 

Deaf in Scrubs on FB 

Partners in Deaf Health
        Facebook – PDF

Health Signs Center
         Facebook – HSC 

Deaf Counseling Ctr

Medical Self-Study
Medical & Behavioral/ Mental Health




Atomic Hands 
ASL Clear
ASL Signing Dictionary

Lab science – DeafTec
Math – Texas Math Dictionary,  DeafTec – math,
XtraMath (mastery of basic arithmetic)

3)  Educational
Accessible Remote Education

3)  Taxes/IRS
Taxes  part1   part 2


Recent workshops – Fall 2020:

(in progress) October 20 (Part 1) & Dec. 8 (Part 2)  “So You Wanna Talk… Difference?”

Building Bridges of Trust   .4 CEUs, PPO

Nov. 17,  ASLIS:  On the Other Hand

Nov. 14,   Forum: K-12 Interpreting

Nov. 14,   CASLI Update
NIC Performance Exam Prep

Nov. 14,  RID Conference (2 workshops: Thriving in Mental Health, Black Interpreters Matter)

Nov. 12,  The Medical Interpreting Kaleidescope: A Conversation on Perspectives” (Corey Axelrod)

Nov. 12,   ASL to English in the Courtroom

Nov. 11,NYC Black Deaf Advocates: BIPOC Deaf and Hearing Interpreters Networking

Nov. 11,   ASLIS:  So Now You’re Woke, What’s Next?

Nov. 10,  Spatial Manipulation and Classifier Use

Nov. 9, 3:00-6:00  Discourse Mapping (Trix Bruce)    

Nov. 8 & 15  Debating in ASL Contact Regan:

Nov. 8   Power, Privilege, and Oppression in Interpreting  (Rian Gayle)

Get Set-Ready:  Interpreting for Deaf Talent
Nov. 7,   Part 3:  Prep & Logistics 
Nov. 8,   Part 4:  Beyond the Set

(Nov. 7  WSRID  Handful of Stories 2020)

Nov. 7,  Knock-Out the NICKnowledge Exam, Performance Exam

Nov. 7     1) Investments  2) Retirement   Good Signs  (FOI building)

Nov. 7  3:00 (Seth Gore) Unlearning Words

Bethany Gehman
Nov. 6 Sexuality and Plant Healing  

Nov. 6-7  2-part training.   Justin Perez –  Visual Vernacular

Nov. 6-7, (Friday 6-8p, Saturday 10a-2p) Colleague Collaboration and Connection (free webinar with CEUs)

Nov. 5  Interpreter Panel

Nov. 5-7  Louisiana RID Virtual Fall Conference

Nov. 1,  Throw Away the Candy Wrapper  (advanced legal for those with experience and/or legal interpreter training)

Oct. 31, 9a-12p Family Law:  Terminology, Procedures and Operations of Domestic Relations (not ASL specific)

October  28 & 29  The Medical Interpreting Kaleidoscope: A Conversation About Perspectives  (Corey Axelrod)

October 28 Navigating the Pandemic (for uncertified interpreters, students, C/DI’s ONLY)

October 27  Justin Perez Visual Vernacular 

Begins 10/27, 8 sessions:  Community of Practice  (CALI Module 2)    

October 27  Team Interpreting with C/DI’s for Social Justice/High Profile

October 24  Becoming the Ideal Interpreter (ethics)

October 24  NAOBI & MCC panel discussion:  Coming Together Again

October 24  Free webinar on Mindfulness (Also Nov. 14, Dec. 4)

October 24  Burnout Proof: Self-Care for Stressful Times

October 24  Theatre Interpreting  Register:

October 20, 22, 24 CPS and the CPC  (Andrea Bright-Fontana)  

October 21  Deaf and Hearing BIPOC Interpreters Networking  (NYC)

October 17  “Virtual Interpreting”  South Carolina RID

October 17  Deaf Education Law  Good Signs 

October 17  “Building a Culture of Diversity Appreciation  (SCRID)

October 17  ORID: Cultural Clashes in the Interpreting Sphere

October 16  “My Lips Are Moving But What Am I Saying”  (Sabrina Smith)

October 14 “Problem-solving Around IEPs for DHH Students”

VRID Region II (virtual) Conference




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