Event details are on the Calendar.


Monday, May 8

6:30pm OC Monday Movie Night – Guardians of the Galaxy – Regency 10  (Westminster)

7:00pm Deaf Chat – Starbucks  (Culver City)

7:00pm  ASL Practice Group – Pitfire Pizza  (N. Hollywood)

Wednesday, May 10 

Pizza Royal  (Rancho Cucamonga)

Thursday, May 11

6:00pm Shakey’s Pizza  (Northridge)

7:00pm Play: “The Butler Did It” (CSDR, Riverside)

9:00pm  Deaf Night Out at Roscoe’s  (Fullerton)

Friday, May 12

6:00pm  Deaf Chat – Starbucks  (Cerritos Promenade)

6:30pm  Sign, Sign, Everywhere  (The Block in Orange, in front of Starbucks)

7:00pm Play: “The Butler Did It” (CSDR, Riverside)

7:30pm  Starbucks  (Burbank)

Saturday, May 13

2:00pm Play: “The Butler Did It” (CSDR, Riverside)