Amy’s Farm

*This day is for deaf and hard of hearing families/children.

Tour Pricing:  $8.00 per adult   $10.00 per child ($8 for tour $2 for pumpkin)
Children under 2 years of age are FREE.

(Tours are 1.5 hours.)

On our guided tour you will participate in all sorts of fun hands-on activities:

A walk through our Sustainable Garden

A visit to our petting zoo

Feeding greens to farm animals

Visiting and grooming the horses

Learn about cows and try milking a cow

Learn two of the many possible practices of sustainable agriculture: crop rotation and soil amendment…

Learn the process of vermiculture (growing worms) and nurturing healthy microbes in the soil.

Learn about alternate sources of nitrogen…

Learn about drip irrigation systems and how they conserve water.

Learn the importance of supplying local markets.

Learn the benefits of a polyculture farm.

Learn the benefits of companion planting.

Learn the importance of attracting beneficial insects such as pollinators and predatory insects.

Learn about planting according to the seasons and seed saving techniques.

Learn ways to practice sustainable animal husbandry.

After the tour, a picnic lunch will follow at a nearby park!!!