Check for updates on the Deaf.LA Calendar.

Monday, January 21

5:00pm  Open-caption Movie – GLASS – Regal 16 (Riverside)

6:30pm  OC Monday Movie – GLASS – Regency 10 (Westminster)

Tuesday, January 22

8:30pm  ASL Cabaret

Wednesday, January 23

9:00am  Deaf Coffee Social (Cypress)

6:00pm  Pizza Royal (Rancho Cucamonga)

Thursday, January 24

9:00am  Deaf Community Center (GLAD-LA)

7:00pm  Kundilini Yoga (West Hills)
9:00pm  Deaf Night Out at Roscoe’s (Fullerton)

Friday, January 25

7:00pm  OC Deaf Coffee Night at the Spectrum (Irvine)

7:30pm  Deaf Social Party (Long Beach)

8:00pm  Starbucks (Santa Monica, 3rd St Promenade)

Saturday, January 26

10:00am  Festival of Human Abilities (Long Beach, Aquarium)

6:00pm   Deaf Chat Nite – Starbucks (Cerritos Promenade)

Sunday, January 27

10:00am  Day #2 Festival of Human Abilities (Long Beach)